EVVA AirKey Battery Operated Proximity Key & Turn Euro Cylinder


Order Code: KML25626
The electronic AirKey battery operated euro cylinder door lock is a perfect solution for any door that can take a euro cylinder; it is designed for use with a suitable mortice lock (supplied separately).
  • Modular cylinder design allows for future adaptation
  • Drill and plug pulling resistant
  • Easy to install
  • When disengaged the outside thumb turn turns freely providing a high level of anti-tamper protection
  • Open doors using your NFC-compatible mobile phone
  • Weatherproof – IP65


EVVA AirKey Battery Operated Proximity Key & Turn Euro Cylinder

With the AirKey online app, you can grant keys to family members or flatmates, manage access to your property and even remotely send temporary keys to contractors and visitors. With AirKey, you never have to worry about losing your key again. Using the free online administration you can remotely grant and revoke access to any new smartphone, key tag or card in seconds, from any location worldwide. Available for both iPhone and Android, our system is also perfect for those that rent out their property as short stay accommodation. Using the app, you can grant temporary access to visitors that will automatically time out once their stay is complete. AirKey is also equipped with geotagging, allowing renters to get directions right to your front door.
The AirKey Cylinder has a broad range of uses, due to its euro key & turn build it can be used anywhere a standard euro profile cylinder can be and can be easily fitted. This unit is has a standard turn on the inside of the door meaning that exit can be granted at any time (subject to correct installation) by using the turn. Should the batteries be left for too long a device is available to allow emergency battery power to be applied to the unit to allow normal operation.
It is rated to IP65 meaning that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is suitable for temperatures between -20°C and +55°C and. It takes 2 x CR2 batteries which are easily replaceable and have a long life; the cylinder is supplied complete with batteries and an instruction manual for easy installation


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