Coin Return Lock 2788


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L&F Coin Return Lock 2788518J

  • New Dual £1 coin lock
  • Coin tray as standard
  • Wet Area Lock
  • Removable cylinder
@ £7.95 Each

Extra keys

@ £6.95 Each


Coin Return Lock 2788

The Coin Return Lock 2788 is a dual pound coin lock with a sliding bolt and left and right orientation. It is fully wet area tested and suitable for chlorinated atmospheres, making it ideal for use in areas where humidity or water may be present. The lock is also designed to secure personal belongings and valuables, making it an excellent choice for locker security.

The 2788 lock is available in two modes: coin return and coin retain. In both modes, the lock is controlled using a master key, which makes it safe and convenient to use. The coin return mode allows users to receive their coins back after unlocking their locker, while the coin retain mode keeps coins inside the locker until they are retrieved by the user. This makes it easy to manage multiple locks at once without having to worry about lost coins or keys.

The 2788 lock also features removable cylinders, allowing users to easily change out locks if needed without having to replace the entire unit. This makes it easy to upgrade or replace locks without having to purchase new ones each time. Additionally, this lock can be used with either old or new one pound coins, encouraging users to return their keys when finished using their locker.

Overall, the Coin Return Lock 2788 is an excellent choice for locker security in the UK due its durability and convenience features. Its wet area testing ensures that it will stand up against moisture or humidity while its removable cylinders make changing out locks simple and easy. Furthermore, its ability to work with both old and new one pound coins encourages users to return their keys when finished using their locker.

The Coin Return Lock 2788 is ideal for use in swimming pools, gyms, fitness centres and spas. The lock can operate with a comprehensive range of coins or tokens thus encouraging users to return their key.

LockDoctor.Biz Ltd is a national supplier of replacement locks and keys for lockers, filing cabinets and office furniture. For the last 20 years we have specialised in replacing lost and broken keys and other security equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, delivered anywhere in the United Kingdom, usually next day.

We are specialists in replacement office furniture keys. Replacement keys are also available next day for desks, pedestals, tambour units, filing cabinets and cupboards. If you are not sure that this is the correct type of key for you, just email a picture of your lock face or the original key to and we will help.

We cut these keys using the latest electronic and semi-automatic machines. Keys are cut according to the manufacturers’ own code with precision and effectively the same quality as an original key. The key blanks we use are best quality full-steel and manufactured specially for us.

We process orders for hundreds of locks within a few hours. Small orders are usually dispatched immediately within the hour.

Keys Supplied : 
Mastered : 
Availibility : 
Up to 10 Days
Body Length : 
Finish : 
Electro Feretic


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