KM5851 Single Wing Desk Lock (45mm Peg)


Order Code: KM5851

KM5851 Multi-drawer Desk Lock

  • Single Wing Horizontal Desk Lock
  • 45mm Actuator / Peg
  • 19mm Nozzle for Wooden drawers
  • Comes with 2 keys (18001-19000)
  • Mastered (M18)
@ £5.95 Each

Extra keys

@ £2.95 Each


The KM5851 Single Wing Lock for Desk Pedestals / under desk drawer units is specially designed for use with office pedestal furniture (under desk multi-drawer units). Each lock comes with its own 2 keys in the LF England range 18001-19000, and is mastered under the M18 Master Key for management convenience. Unlocking the top drawer lifts a locking bar that runs up the side of the unit allowing the other drawers to be unlocked.

Total body length 65mm
Pin Length 45mm
Nozzle Length 19mm
Brand Asec
Mastered M18
Manufacturer Reference AS9958
Keys Supplied 2
Finish Chrome Plated

Single Wing Desk Locks for Under Desk Multidrawer Units

Single wing desk locks are an essential component of under desk multidrawer units. These locks provide security and prevent unauthorized access to the contents of the drawers. They are designed to fit a wide range of furniture, including office pedestals, desks, and cupboards. This Drawer / cabinet lock has a single fixing for narrow applications (where the position of the lock is in the top corner of the drawer).

Features of Single Wing Desk Lock KM5851

Single wing desk locks come in different sizes and shapes to suit different types of furniture. They are made from high-quality materials which make them durable and resistant to tampering. Some of the features of single wing desk locks include:

  • 19mm Nozzle is standard drawer thickness in the UK
  • 45mm peg length
  • 2000 different keys in the range (18001-19000)
  • Mastered under the M18 Master Key
  • Fixing flange in horizontal position

Benefits of Single Wing Desk Locks

Single wing desk locks offer several benefits for users. Firstly, they provide a secure way to store confidential documents and valuable items in multidrawer units. Secondly, they are easy to install and use, requiring only a key to lock and unlock the drawers. Thirdly, they can be replaced easily if lost or damaged. Our locks have the replacement key number stamped on the front – so if you need more keys then you can order them from us for next day delivery.

To order replacement keys for these KM5851 Desk Locks just type the number on your lock face or original key into our search bar and hit ENTER – alternatively click here to order more keys.

How to Choose Single Wing Desk Locks

When choosing single wing desk locks for under desk multidrawer units, there are several factors to consider. These include:

  • The size and shape of the lock
  • The length of the peg
  • The orientation of the fixing flange
  • The type of key (mastered or non-mastered)
  • The level of security required


It is important to choose a lock that fits your furniture properly and provides adequate security for your needs.

Single wing desk locks are an essential component of under desk multidrawer units. They provide security and peace of mind for users who need to store confidential documents or valuable items in their drawers. When choosing single wing desk locks, it is important to consider factors such as size, shape, peg length, orientation, key type, and level of security required – if you are not sure that this is the right lock for you then please send a good photo of the front and back of the existing lock that you wish to replace.

Weight : 
Fixing : 
Keys Supplied : 
Mastered : 
Availibility : 
Nozzle Length : 
Nozzle Diameter : 
Cam Length : 
45mm peg

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    Fast excellent and reliable service every time

    A quick and easy way to replace office keys with delivery usually the next day I haven’t looked back since using Lock Doctor

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