KMX8030 Maxus 30mm Combination padlock


Order Code: KMX8030

The KMX8030 Maxus 30mm 3 Wheel Combination Brass Padlock is suitable for various uses including shed, lockers and luggage.

Product features:

  • Resettable combination
  • Hardened Steel Shackle
  • Solid Brass Body
  • Easy to use
  • No keys to lose


The Maxus MX80 Series Padlocks feature resettable combination removing the need for any keys, and allowing select access to those you give the code to. Featuring a hardened steel shackle and a solid brass body, the KMX8030 3 wheel combination padlock is easy to use, and requires no keys to operate.

Combination instructions:

To open: Dial the wheels to the number set lining with the line. Pull the shackle and the padlock will open.

To Lock: Push the shackle down into locking position and rotate the dials to scramble the code.

To Change Combination: Dial the wheels to the set code (0-0-0). Pull to open shackle and rotate 180 degrees. Push and hold the shackle down fully. While holding the shackle, select your new code by rotating the dials and lining up with the line. Once set,release tension from the shackle and pull up. Test by locking and re-opening with your new code.

Mechanism : 
Shackle Clearance : 
Shackle Diameter : 
Body Width : 


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