The Door Hinges are the hardware used to fix the door to its frame.

The Hinges are the pivot point for door opening and closing. Whether you are installing a new door or replacing an old one, good quality hinges play a vital role in keeping your door in its right position.

Exterior door hinges are responsible for keeping your door safe from criminals and intruders. If the external door hinges are too weak, they might buckle and break under pressure.

There are different types of door hinges used to fix doors in position depending on function, security the door material used.

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  • KMSP453 - Double Steel Washered Hinges

    Double Steel Washered Hinges (Pair)

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  • KMSP470 - Ball Bearing Hinges

    Ball Bearing Hinges (Pair)

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  • KMAS10215 - Light Tee Hinge

    Light Tee Hinge (PAIR) 200mm

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