Utility Keys






Service Engineers and Caretakers use Utility Keys to access and control Security Panels, Lifts, Meter Cupboards and Radiators.


Utility keys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type of system they are intended for. Some of the most common types include master keys, which provide access to all utility systems; meter key sets, which provide access to a range of utility applications; and individual key sets, which provide access to individual components within a system such as shut-off switches or radiators. Utility keys also come with various features that make them more secure and user-friendly.


Utility Keys include 4 Way Utility Keys, Meter Cupboard Keys for Electric and Gas Applications, Radiator Shut Off Keys, Mobility Lifts, Mobility Scooters, Master Keys, Emergency Test Switch Keys and also Keys for Plant Equipment such as Fork Lift Truck Keys.


In addition to providing access to utility systems, utility keys can also be used by service engineers and caretakers for other tasks related to their job. For example, they can be used for inventory management or tracking maintenance records. They can also be used by family caregivers who need access to health care services or long-term support services for their loved ones.


Overall, utility keys are an invaluable tool for service engineers and caretakers who need quick and easy access to essential services in order to keep them running safely and efficiently.


The most common utility keys are listed below. If you are not sure what to order then email sales@lockdoctor.biz

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