Fire Brigade Keys





Fire Brigade Keys are essential for Site Managers and Caretakers in charge of securing exit doors and entrance gates. Fire Brigade Locks are designed to be easily opened with their designated key, allowing the Fire Brigade to access areas without smashing or damaging the door or gate. This is especially important in emergency situations where quick access is required.


FB locks come in a variety of styles and sizes, from padlocks to rim locks, and can be used on both interior and exterior doors. They also feature a special key unlock feature which allows the Fire Brigade to quickly open the lock without having to use force or break it open.


The most common Fire Brigade keys are FB1, FB14 and Fireman’s Drop Key sets. These keys are available for immediate dispatch and can be used for any situation requiring quick access by the Fire Brigade. Additionally, a full set of Fire Brigade keys includes FB1, FB2, FB4, FB5, FB11 & FB14 which provides comprehensive coverage for all types of fire brigade access locks.


Overall, Fire Brigade Keys provide an essential service for Site Managers and Caretakers who need to secure exit doors and entrance gates while still allowing easy access for maintenance personnel and emergency services when needed.

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