Email a list of keys QUANTITY DISCOUNTS


The replacement key number is stamped on the lock face and also on the original keys.

Email a list of various replacement keys to and confirm the total quantity of keys required.

Quantity discounts are calculated automatically.


Quantity discount are available for Email a list of keys QUANTITY DISCOUNTS. Discounts are calculated automatically (from £2.95 for a single key to £1.50 for 200+).


You can email us a list of various keys to work from to save you having to type out each key number on our website. Just email your list to, select the quantity required and add to cart.

Quantity discounts are calculated automatically online up to 200 keys


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1 review for Email a list of keys QUANTITY DISCOUNTS

  1. John

    Email your list saved me half a day
    It was really easy. I emailed a list of around 250 keys to them, they gave me this link. All I had to do was add 250 of these to the basket instead of typing in my numbers to the website. Thanks again for the speedy service.


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